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Addiction-yep we’re going there

Well it’s Monday night, and we’re talking about addictions. No we’re not going to dabble in the drug and alcohol area of addiction. We’re going to chat about the lesser talked about energy drink and sugar addiction. Two combined addictions that many adults and teenagers share. So why have I decided to speak on this topic? Well I have been addicted to energy drinks since my youngest was born. It was a slippery slop from the moment I drank the first one. So this blog post will be based on my own addiction story.

I do not own rights to this photo.

My daughter Keira was born in October of 2014, and I was a stay at home mom. I was always super tired, and needed something that wasn’t coffee to keep me going. Someone in a group, on Facebook had posted a tread on energy drinks. I happened to chime in. I’ve always liked Monster energy drinks, but I was never addicted to them. Since having weight loss surgery I was unable to drink anything carbonated. So this had ruled out energy drinks, the super sugary ones. Even the no sugar energy drink were still carbonated, so I couldn’t drink those either. This is basically what I had said on the thread. A woman chimed in and told me about Monsters non-carbonated line of energy drinks. I was excited, ecstatic to be honest. So I went to try one, and that was it. I was hooked. Every picture I took you’d see a shadow of this drink, or a full on photo of this drink. I was drinking in excess of up to eight a day. Some days I’d only drink four, some days six, others eight. I knew all the places they were the cheapest, and all the employees knew me. I was known as the.. no bag woman who would buy four monsters at a time. Particularly the lemonade flavor.

It all came to an end this past Thursday. I knew at some point I’d either have a heart attack or another medical problem because of my addiction. This was it, the turning point. This was the forced quitting I needed. Wednesday I woke up in pain. It wasn’t that time of month so it wasn’t that. I thought I had pinched a never. My entire back, sides, and legs were in so much pain. It peaked that night at work. I honestly thought I was dying. I still had no idea what was happening. I woke up Thursday in very little pain. I got the kids up, dressed and eating breakfast. I opened my monster and took a sip. Within two minutes I was in pain again. Still not completely understanding what was going on I took the girls to school. Finally after taking another sip it dawns on me.. My kidneys and liver are fighting back, and the monster is the cause of all of my pain. I dumped it out my window driving down the road. Tossed the can in my trash can I keep in the truck. That was it, the last sip of an energy drink. I’ve been having pains since then. I know how much of the toxins are in my body from that drink. It’s going to take a while for it all to leave my system. My pains are getting less and less, and my symptoms are going away little by little.

Why did I tell you this story? I want everyone to know how bad these are for you. I was blind and naive to the fact of the harm these can do to my body. People have died from these, I’m very lucky I know. Even the low calorie, non-carbonated ones can harm you. Between the artificial sugar, to the overload of B vitamins, and whatever else they put into them.. None of it is good. Even just one a day increases your risk of a heart attack, and I honestly don’t know how I avoided it. If you have loved ones who drink these please voice your concern, tell them my story, show them my blog post. You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you are drinking these it will compromise your system. Teenagers are so susceptible to drinking these, parents need to be stern and not allow them to start. I know we cannot control everything they do, but we can set the standard and a good leading example.

I do not own rights to this photo.
I do not own rights to this photo.

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