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Homemade laundry soap take 2

I’m always on a mission to simplify life, so when it came to my laundry soap it wasn’t any different . I needed to simplify it, as it was becoming a lot of work. I had to try making it into a liquid. Y’all I’m never going back to making the powdered kind. Not only was it quicker, it was also much quieter. Now when I say quieter I mean I didn’t need to used my food processor. It’s how I would combine everything before and make sure it was a thin enough consistency to use in the washer. A big perk of this recipe is you can use it with cold water, to save on money.

For me I go to the laundromat once a week, ever since my dryer died and I decided not to buy a new one. After researching I came to the conclusion that using the laundromat once a week was more eco friendly. Their machines are more efficient and it saves on the amount of time I’m doing laundry. Takes me a couple hours (tops) to do a whole households worth of laundry.

So here’s my recipe for the new way of making laundry soap.

What you will need:


Five gallon bucket (I splurged and got a screw top, so if knocked over it’s spill proof)

Boiling pot

Cutting board

Knife or cheese grater

Wooden spoon

Slotted metal spoon

Glass measuring cup (mine was a 4 cup one)

Wooden or metal 1 cup measuring cup


2 cups borax

2 cups washing soda

1 cup baking soda (optional)

1 Dr. bronners bar soap (I use unscented or rose)

2 gallons of tap water divided

1 quart of tap water

Here’s what you will need to do.

Bring a one gallon of water to a boil, then add it to the five gallon bucket. To that add the borax, washing soda, and baking soda. Stir until dissolved.

Next bring the quart of water to a boil. While you wait for it to boil now is a goos time to grate or thinly cut up your bar soap. I cut mine on a cutting board. Add the cut up bar soap to the pan. It’s important to shut the pan off at this point, or it WILL boil over and you don’t want that. Stir until the soap it’s completely dissolved. Add that mix to the bucket and stir.

Bring the final gallon of water to a boil, add that to the bucket, and stir. Place bucket uncovered in a corner away from pets and children. Remember it’s still a cleaner so you want to keep away from kids and pets. Allow to cool completely, cover and store near your washing machine.

You can transfer to gallon jugs but I just leave mine in the bucket and use a scoop with a handle.

I hope this works for you like it does me.

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