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Life, a little big detour

There once lived a girl who had no idea what she wanted. She didn’t know who she was, what she wanted, or where to find it. After trying several different outlooks and paths she was still very confused. With so many people telling her to do this or like that she had absolutely no idea what she needed or wanted. Should she go with the crowd and be safe, or go against the crowed and end up lost. She didn’t know. She was utterly confused and had no one to turn to. So like a zombie she carried onward.

There once lived a young woman who thought she knew what she wanted. Convinced she knew exactly what she wanted she went after it. Just like any young woman she wanted a family, she wanted love, a partner, she wanted children, and she wanted to be happy. Within all of this she was still trying to find herself. Everything she did was scrutinized; every move, every decision, everything. Everything she wanted she got, all but one thing. She was not happy, she hadn’t been happy for a long time. Not like happy day to day, because she was generally a happy person.. but inside of her she wasn’t happy. Everything she thought she wanted and what she thought would make her happy didn’t. Except her children, and some days were hard with them. Even though she loved them immensely she longed for more, more for them and more for herself.

There once lived a woman who knew exactly what she wanted, but didn’t know how exactly to get it. Throughout the years she had gone through so much growth, inward and outward. She had been through many stages and each stage helped her get to a state of mind where she knew what she wanted in life and in love. Finally she was finding herself, and within finding herself she lost a few. People she knew were toxic for her, others she distanced herself from, because even though they weren’t toxic they still weren’t the best for her. She needed and wanted to surround herself with like minded people. Free spirits, true free spirits, hippies, homesteaders, off grid livers, witches and earth lovers. Those were her people, her tribe. The person she was, the person she longed to be.

There once lived a woman who didn’t know what she wanted or who she was. As that woman grew she learned many lessons. She learned who would accept her for who she was, and who would ultimately judge her for who she was. She learned who she was, and who she wanted to be as she grew older. She even learned who she wanted to surround herself with as the year progressed. So slowly she started the process of just being her, just letting go and being who she wanted. Unapologetically she is finally happy with who she is, she is excited for what her future holds, and who she sees in her future. With every step she takes she gets closer to her dream life.

There once lived a woman with a dream, a dream to live small, to live simply, to live off grid. A dream to live in a tiny home with her children, and a small homesteaders garden. With chickens, goats, and a couple pigs. To live with nature not against it, to learn from it and to love because of it. She was tired of the mainstream world, she had always been tired of it but never knew it. She tried to live in that world but felt so incredibly out of place. She needed to be with nature, to be where the people weren’t. She wasn’t materialistic enough to live in that world of wanting and needing more. She didn’t need anything but love, her children, and nature. She was a hippie at heart, and wanted to live the way she felt. So day by day, month by month she planned and waited for the perfect time to live the way she always dreamed. Until the day her dream became reality. On that day it will be like a release of emotions, finally living the life she longed for.

My thoughts

Homemade body wash

So I ran out of the body wash I bought, so I decided to make my own. Since I’ve decided to severely scale down the amount of products in my home, I wanted to try making body wash. It’s cheaper and I know what I’m putting on our bodies.

Here’s the recipe:

You’ll need a container – reuse what you have if you can.
1 1/3 cup Castile soap
(I used hemp eucalyptus and hemp rose)
2/3 cup oil
(I used coconut, but you can use almond, grapeseed, olive oils)
1 1/3 cup filtered water

You can double this, but I already doubled it since my container was larger..

Prices for products
Hemp soap: I got on sale for $5ish
Coconut oil: I already had this one – $8
Water: free
Total: roughly $15 (rounded up)

I can make several batches with these products, so all in all I’m saving. It smells awesome too. It’s so much more gratifying to make your own products. Yes people will think you’re crazy if you tell them you don’t buy certain things anymore, and just make it.. Think of it this way, you won’t have any questions as to what you’re putting on your body. Major plus there, and you’ll be saving money.. I mean come on.. we all want to save money.. give it a try I think you’ll come to like it. Just remember it will be thinner consistently than store bought stuff. Also remember to give it a shake before you use it, just for good measure.

My thoughts

Cleaning and Cleanliness = snootiness? Venting post.

I have long wondered why having a clean home and clean appearance, both on the outside and the inside is equal to being snooty or stuck up.

I clean my home everyday, sometimes twice or three times a day. I do not do this to impress anyone, or to make anyone feel bad. So it puzzles me as to why some people (not all) thinks this way.

I do try to refrain from swearing and I always use my manners. The way I speak never matched my clothing. This is currently a work in process. However I am not stuck up or snotty. It just puzzled me.

I’ve come to the bitter conclusion that this is a problem within those people. They know what needs to be done, yet they either do not care or they don’t have the ability to do so.

Now this is going to make some mad, but it is what it is.

Not caring is just being lazy, and hiring someone to clean your home is just disgraceful. I’m sorry but it is. If you aren’t working or hardly work and you hire someone because you’re that lazy.. well.. that’s on you.

If you cannot physically clean your home I understand this. This is the only exception to hiring someone. But I’ve seen even the most unable do things, so think hard before you say you cannot.

This is mostly a rant post, because of people who don’t like to clean or take care of themselves. they think those of us who do are snooty and stuck up. I’m sorry we don’t like living in filth and clutter.. and we choose to take care of ourselves.. my goodness don’t get me started on clutter.

My grandmother (RIP love you) who was a big woman and could barely move kept a clean home.. Of course with the help of my grandfather (RIP love you too). There were no big messes in their home. And everyday that she could she made her bed, after she got out of it, than when she couldn’t my grandfather would help her. His bed was always made, and he was always showered and dressed well. He always carried a hanky on him at all times.

These days you don’t see that, you see folks running around with sweatpants on and just a lot of not caring. Their homes and rooms filthy and cluttered beyond belief. No structure. I was guilty of this at one point, but not anymore now that I’m older. Now I’m teaching my girls to clean up after themselves, and how to use their manners.

We have to bring back that pride in ourselves, in our homes, and instil it into our kids. Enough of this carelessness attitude. Enough with the disrespecting our elders, and the human population. Take pride in yourself, in your homes, and you will see a shift in the way you think. Filth and clutter equal stress and doesn’t help with depression.

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Here goes nothin’

Well it’s Sunday afternoon, after much debate, and fiddling around I’m finally up and running. It took me nearly a week to get this going. Between figuring out if I wanted to pay for this, or just do it for free. The good news is here I am, ready to share all of my insight with all of you beautiful people. I have linked my Instagram to the blog, as well as four of my absolute favorite podcasts. The podcast you can find at the top of this blog page.  I plan on posting a couple times a week to start out. Things I will be posting; will be my thoughts on self love, my vegan recipes, as well as my journey to a more sustainable and minimal life. I will also try to post about our journey in special needs, and how we live this way with two girls who have these needs. I sincerely hope to help people with this blog. Whether it be trying a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, decluttering, living minimal and as sustainable as possible in today’s world,  or just with my uplifting advice on self love, and how to love yourself.  

A little about myself, my children, and my homestead. 

First I would like to introduce myself, I’m Samantha. I’m a mum, a recovering meat addict, a hippie (in my own way), and a recovering over-waster. I have a long way to go, but I have come a long way.  I have become known as the “no bag lady” around my island. With that said, we live on an island (or peninsula) on the coast of Massachusetts. Also known as Cape Cod. I was born here but moved around New England many times as a child. I have two girls (as said above) Valletta Sky who is a pink loving 5 year old, and Keira Winter who is a very sassy 4 year old. My husband who I will probably not speak of much lives here with us. He wishes to remain anonymous.  Which is okay with me, because that is his choice, and I respect his choices.  We live in a rural area but on a decent plot of land, which is why I call our home a homestead. Here on the homestead we have several flower, and herb gardens. I attempted a fall garden with; kale, spinach, and carrots. But I was too far into the season for anything to actually grow. Although the kale did sprout a little.  Here we have one fish, his name is Mr. Fish. We had a cat at one point but needed to give him up, he had a lot of medical issues we were not aware of at the time of adoption. We learned he was readopted by a nice older lady.  Anyways that is some about us, I hope many people stop by and stick around. I have some things coming up you don’t want to miss.